Herbal Teas

We currently produce 8 different herbal teas, which contain our own certified organic herbs.  These blends are pure herbal blends, not herb and black tea blends, which allows for their local, domestic production.  Currently, our teas are available for retail sale through our ala carte subscription service, at the Sewickley Farmer's Market, and through our new online store!

If you are interested in purchasing any of our herbal teas for resale, please visit our wholesale page!


Herbal Teas


   Stress-relieving, calming chamomile for quiet, relaxation time.
   Ingredients:  German Chamomile



   Cinnamon Apple

   Savory cinnamon basil and bark combined with wild crabapples
   and a hint of apple mint for a unique blend.
   Ingredients:  Cinnamon Basil, Wild Crabapple, Cinnamon Chips,
   Apple Mint, & Cinnamon Geranium


   Happy Blend

   A minty blend of spirit-lifting herbs that is sure to make you
   Ingredients:  Mint, Borage, Lemon Balm, & Chamomile




   Lemon verbena's intense lemon aroma and flavor shine in this
   citrus blend, balanced with the earth flavors of lemon basil
   and thyme.
   Ingredients:  Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Basil,
                     & Lemon Thyme



   For centuries, anise-flavored herbs have been used by cultures
   around the world to soothe stomachs and aid digestion.  We blend
   anise hyssop, Persian anise basil, and fennel to produce a powerful
   licorice experience.

   Ingredients:  Anise Hyssop, Persian Anise Basil, & Fennel


   Pineapple Sage & Rosemary

   Aromatic rosemary combined with the subtle citrus of pineapple
   sage - a uniquely warming tea.
Ingredients:  Pineapple Sage & Rosemary



   Rose Orange

   Rose geranium, an old-fashioned herb cultivated for centuries,
   adds the relaxing smell and flavor of roses to this simple blend,
   rose geranium combined with orange peel for a fruity finish.
Ingredients:  Rose Geranium & Orange Peel



   Tulsi tea, known as the "elixir of life" in Ayurvedic medicine,
   has an earthy flavor - both sweet and spicy with a hint of clove
   and cinnamon.
Ingredients:  Sacred Basil