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New for the 2018 Season!

Produce Farm Shares!
A farm share is your weekly or biweekly subscription to fresh
organic produce!  Before the season begins, you will be able
to select your veggie preferences.  We'll use your selections
to tailor your order each week to what you like.  If you do not
like kale, no worries!  You will never get any.  Love heirloom
tomatoes?  You will get tons!  You'll also have the ability to
change your order each week, adding or deleting whatever
you like.  Then, we'll deliver your order to a pick-up location
in your neighborhood that is convenient for you!  
Click here to learn more about our Farm Share Program
Cherry Valley Organics, located in Washington County
just 20 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, is a USDA
certified organic farm, producing a high diversity of
agricultural products, including vegetables, specialty
greens, mushrooms, strawberries, herbs, and cut
flowers.  In addition, we offer potted plants, herbal teas,
and herbal bath & body products, all of which are grown
or hand-made at the farm.
You can also find our products at the St. James Farmer's
Market in Sewickley (Saturdays April through November),
as well as at local restaurants and specialty stores.