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Aug 26 2020

Meet Our Cafe Supervisor: Nicole Hankinson

Foodie Beginnings Nicole’s passion for food began at a young age. Growing up, she enjoyed helping her grandma with her garden and baking in the kitchen. Her grandma grew flowers and vegetables like green beans. The first time Nicole tasted one of those fresh green beans, she fell in love.   Career Path & Farming…
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Aug 16 2020

You either love it, or you hate it: Patchouli

Love it or Hate it? What do you think of patchouli? “OMG, I love patchouli!”   “Ugh – I hate patchouli!” We hear these reactions all the time from our customers. Patchouli (pəˈCHo͞olē), Pogostemon cablin, is a unique scent that many either love or hate. There really is no middle ground with this unique earthy, slightly sweet, and spicy scent. Frequently,…
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Aug 12 2020

Meet One of Our 2020 Seasonal Assistant Growers: Nicole Wild

Farming Beginnings Growing up, Nicole would help her mother with small gardening projects around the house. But it wasn’t until she was a junior in high school, that she realized she wanted to pursue a career in horticulture. Nicole’s goal is to be as close to the natural world as possible and work with plants…
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Aug 8 2020

Catnip isn’t JUST for cats!

Catnip For Your Cats Cats make amazing companions, and giving them catnip is a really fun way to play with and treat your cat. When cats are exposed to catnip, the response can be downright comical! They may rub their heads and body on the catnip, jump and roll around on it, chew and lick it,…
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Jul 29 2020

Meet One of Our New Vegetable Growers: Annie Halcomb

Gardening Beginnings Both sides of Annie’s family have left their impressions about nature and gardening on her. Annie’s mother always keeps a large garden, and so did her grandmother. Not letting age and physical changes deter her, Annie’s grandma utilized a plastic chair when weeding in her garden. On the other side of her family,…
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May 5 2020

How to Make Plant-based, Organic Potpourri

Make Potpourri from the Nature Around You!     In CVO’s second installment of our Dried Flower Craft Series, Jodi shows a fun and easy way to make potpourri! This can be an adventurous and hands-on way for kids to create a Mother’s Day gift that will last all year long.    Supplies Needed Your choice…
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Cherry Valley Organic Flower Bouquet

Apr 25 2020

An Organic Flower Bouquet Subscription is the Perfect Gift!

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend, relative, co-worker, or neighbor? How about a weekly, every other week, or every 4-week bouquet of fresh-cut, colorful, organic blooms? Heck, maybe you’d even like one for yourself! Our Organic Flower Bouquet Subscription service in Pittsburgh makes it easy for you or a treasured friend to enjoy fresh-cut…
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Apr 22 2020

The Healing Properties of Lavender

Who doesn’t love Lavender, right?! Based on our experience at market and plant sales, very few people have an adverse reaction to this popular garden plant. At the same time, it is one that we get many questions about. This blog post is intended to help answer those questions, introduce you to the varieties of Lavender…
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Apr 19 2020

Meet the New CVO Sales & Marketing Specialist: Heather Herczak

We’ve hinted and introduced to you the talented new women farmers that have join the CVO team this year. Now, we would like to introduce to you someone completely different: our new Sales & Marketing Specialist, Heather Herczak! Part of Heather’s new role is handling the CVO Facebook, Instagram, website and blog updates, graphic design…
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Mar 27 2020

Dried Flower Craft Kits

We have new Dried Flower Craft Kits available on our website!     Watch this video to see Jodi show how to make these colorful crafts for kids (or adults), using some of the beautiful dried flowers from our farm!   Butterfly Craft Kit 6 wooden butterflies 1 bag blue bachelor buttons 1 bag orange…
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Cherry Valley Organics Thyme

Jul 3 2019

Thyme Varieties for Culinary and Ornamental Use

Here at Cherry Valley, we grow dozens of different types of herbs, but one of our favorites is thyme. While you might think that there’s only one type of thyme, that isn’t the case. There are dozens of different varieties of thyme, each with their own unique appearance and flavor. Some thyme varieties are better…
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Farm Market and Cafe Grand Opening

Jun 17 2019

Come celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Farm Market and Cafe!

 Our Grand Opening festivities will follow this schedule: **Saturday 6/1 – 9am – 9pm All day happenings! Pie on the Porch Free Samples (food, coffee, tea) Raffles 10am – Potted Plant Demo 10:30am – Kid Craft #1 11:30am – Vase Flower Arranging 1:00pm – Kid Craft #2 2:00pm – Bird House Making Musician Chris Hannigan…
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Garlic Scapes

Jun 14 2019

Garlic Scapes: How to harvest and cook

One of the more surprising spring crops we harvest here at the Cherry Valley Organics Farm is garlic scapes. While most people think about the bulbous, underground cloves when they think about using garlic in the kitchen, there’s another edible part of the garlic plant with a delicious flavor worth fitting into your dinner plans.…
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Cherry Valley Organics Katie

Apr 12 2019

Meet Cherry Valley Organics Retail Sales and Event Assistant: Katie Sofio

The Cherry Valley Organics Farm Market and Cafe will soon be open for our spring and summer hours! We’re located at 1713 Main Street, Burgettstown, PA in the recently refurbished, historic Burgettstown Train Station. There are so many wonderful changes taking place for our CVO family, and as a result, you’ll notice lots of new…
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Cherry Valley Organics Jodi

Mar 11 2019

Meet the Founder of Cherry Valley Organics Farm: Jodi Danyo

Small farmers are a hard-working, dedicated bunch. Being a small farmer requires endless hours spent not just growing the fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs sold by the farm, but also marketing those products, managing the books, collaborating with fellow growers, maintaining equipment, keeping a website updated, arranging and making deliveries, organizing planting and harvesting dates,…
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Cherry Valley Organics

Feb 22 2019

Celebrate CSA Day with Cherry Valley Organics

The last Friday in February is “National CSA Sign-up Day” (CSA Day for short), and we’re busy celebrating here at Cherry Valley Organics! Based on data collected from small farmers, the last Friday in February is the most popular day of the year to sign up for a CSA Farm Share program. If you haven’t…
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Cherry Valley Organics fragrance spray

Feb 8 2019

Our All-natural, Organic Fragrance Sprays and Roll-ons

Did you know that most air fresheners and room sprays are made from a concoction of synthetic chemicals? The Huffington Post declared synthetic fragrance sprays to be “The New Secondhand Smoke” in this recent article.  And in this article by the Washington Post, the author discusses the dangers of these fragrances for people with chemical sensitivities, and…
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Cherry Valley Organics Herbal Bath Salts

Jan 16 2019

Herbal Bath Salts and Bath Bags: Healing, Calming, and Rejuvenating

With today’s ever-busy schedules, it isn’t often that we take time for ourselves and relax. But when we do, it should be in a way that’s comforting and calming. That’s where our organic bath salts and bath bags come in. A good, long soak in a tub full of warm water, infused with the finest…
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Cherry Valley Organics Handmade Soap

Dec 6 2018

Handmade Soap from Cherry Valley Organics

We’ve been making our certified organic, handmade soap for over a decade. Our soap-making process begins by selecting only the finest ingredients, some of which we grow ourselves right here on our Pennsylvania farm. All of the plant-based ingredients we can’t grow on the farm are sustainably sourced, and none of our products are ever tested…
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Cherry Valley Organics Store

Nov 20 2018

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Cherry Valley Organics Holiday Market!

We’re beyond thrilled to announce the opening of the Cherry Valley Organics Holiday Market in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, just a 30-minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh! The store’s Grand Opening is on Friday, November 23rd, 2018 at 10:00 am. Come celebrate this exciting new endeavor with us! More about our new Holiday Market Our beautiful new retail space is located in…
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Cherry Valley Organics Store

Nov 11 2018

Herbal Salves: How We Make Our Healing Organic Salves

Herbal salves like those we make here at our certified organic farm are useful for soothing irritated muscles and healing damaged, chapped, or dry skin. Our salve recipes combine essential oils, herbs, and beeswax to create one of a kind blends. Like all of our products, our salves are certified organic by the USDA. Types…
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Cherry Valley Organics Beets

Oct 18 2018

Beets: How we sow, grow, and harvest these delicious roots

Beets might be humble-looking on the outside, but on the inside, they’re packed with flavor and nutrition. Consuming a beetroot infuses your body with potassium, manganese, folic acid, and lots of fiber. And if you enjoy the greens, you’re boosting your levels of calcium, iron, and Vitamins A and C. Beets are one of our…
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Cherry Valley Organics Garlic

Oct 4 2018

Organic Garlic: How to grow, harvest, and cure garlic bulbs

Did you know that much of the organic garlic that’s sold in grocery stores travel hundreds or even thousands of miles before it reaches your kitchen table? Around 75% of the world’s garlic comes from China, and while Chinese garlic imports have recently had quotas imposed on them here in the U.S., Chinese garlic is still prevalent on the…
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Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens

Sep 20 2018

Microgreens Supplier in Pittsburgh: Cherry Valley Organics Farm

If you’re a chef, restaurateur, or even a home cook who’s looking for a microgreens supplier in Pittsburgh, we have you covered! Our microgreens are crunchy, delicious, and packed with nutrients. And, our USDA organic certification means our microgreens are free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Hand-grown under exacting standards, our wide selection of microgreens can supply…
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Cherry Valley Organics Patty Pan Squash

Sep 6 2018

What is patty pan squash? How to grow and cook this vegetable

Patty pan squash is quite unique. Its squat, flat shape, unique coloration, and ruffled edges might leave you scratching your head with wonder. What is patty pan squash anyway? Is it a winter squash or a summer squash? Do you peel patty pan squash or eat the rind? How the heck do you cook it? Today,…
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Cherry Valley Organics Cucumber Farming

Aug 23 2018

Cucumber Farming: How We Grow This Prized Crop

Cucumbers can be a notoriously challenging crop for farmers. Many varieties are susceptible to a devastating pathogen known as bacterial wilt that’s spread by a small insect called the cucumber beetle. Just when the plants are about to produce, the vines wilt, turn brown and die. It’s heart-breaking. But, there are lots of upsides to…
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Cherry Valley Organics Heirloom Tomatoes

Aug 9 2018

Heirloom Tomato Varieties From Our Farm to Your Home

Heirloom tomatoes come in just about every color of the rainbow, and the diversity of flavors and textures they bring to the table is unparalleled. Here at Cherry Valley Organics, we grow and sell many different heirloom tomato varieties, each with it’s own unique look and taste. Today, we thought it would be fun to…
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Cherry Valley Organics Planting

Jul 7 2018

Succession Planting Plan for Farmers and Gardeners

Despite what you may think, spring isn’t the only planting season here at the farm, nor should it be in your own home garden. Farmers and gardeners who want to have freshly picked produce rolling in for months on end need to employ a succession planting plan. Our own succession planting plan ensures a continual…
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Cherry Valley Organics cherry tomatoes

Jul 5 2018

How We Grow and Harvest Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are among our customers’ favorites, which is a good thing because they’re also one of our favorite crops to grow! With their prolific production and sweet flavor, there’s so much to love about cherry tomatoes. We thought you might enjoy a glimpse into how we grow these tasty tomatoes, why we hand-pick them…
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Cherry Valley Organics eat local

Jun 21 2018

The Importance of Eating with the Seasons

For many folks, one of the toughest challenges of eating local is realizing how connected our food is to the natural cycles of nature. Our ancestors were intimately in tune with the seasons, especially when it came to the foods they ate. But modern food production and delivery systems make it easy to get strawberries,…
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Cherry Valley Organics

Jun 7 2018

Edible Flowers for Cakes, Salads, and Other Culinary Adventures

If you’re wondering where to buy edible flowers for a special event, restaurant, or even for everyday home enjoyment, Cherry Valley Organics has you covered. We grow, package, and sell many different varieties of edible flowers in both fresh and dried form. What makes our edible flowers so special As a USDA certified organic farm, we take…
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Cherry Valley Organics Wedding

May 24 2018

Organic Wedding Flowers in Pittsburgh

Are you tying the knot in the Pittsburgh area? Let Cherry Valley Organics Farm, located just 20 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, grow gorgeous, certified organic flowers for your special day! We’re one of the only suppliers of locally grown, organic wedding flowers in Pittsburgh, and we LOVE making one-of-a-kind bouquets, boutonnières, alter and reception arrangements, corsages, and…
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Cherry Valley Organics Mushrooms

May 10 2018

How We Grow Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms

Our delicious mushrooms are a favorite of many of our Farm Share subscribers and farmers market customers. Baskets of meaty shiitake and flavorful oyster mushrooms are one of our most prized crops here at Cherry Valley Organics. We’re frequently asked how we grow these delicious fungi, so we thought we’d share a step-by-step of how we grow shiitake…
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Cherry Valley Organics herb plants

Apr 19 2018

Organic Herb Plants for Your Pittsburgh Garden

If you want to save some big bucks on your food budget, consider growing your own herbs. With the average grocery store price of fresh herbs consistently on the rise, it’s no wonder many homeowners have started to grow their own backyard and container herb gardens. Most herbs are easy to grow, and those that are perennial,…
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Cherry Valley Organics Strawberries

Apr 5 2018

Why Our Organic Strawberries are the Right Choice for Your Family

Conventionally grown strawberries consistently top the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of pesticide residue. One sample of strawberries was found to contain 20 different pesticide residues! Organic strawberries, however, are a whole different ballgame. They’re nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, and free of the synthetic chemical residues found on…
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Cherry Valley Organics Allie Logue

Mar 22 2018

Meet the Power Behind our Herbs and Flowers: Allie Logue

According to the New York Times, roughly three-quarters of the cut flowers sold in the U.S. are grown far outside of our country’s borders. Most cut flowers travel thousands of miles from South or Central America before finding their way to our dining room tables. That’s a lot of precious energy spent just to move a…
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Mar 8 2018

Who Grows Your Food? A Cherry Valley Organics Grower Profile

Do you know who grows the food you eat? If you shop at a big grocery chain, the face behind that cucumber in your salad is a complete mystery. But, if you support a small, local farm like Cherry Valley Organics, there’s no mystery as to whose hands (and heart!) grew the food you put into your…
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Feb 22 2018

Gourmet Lettuce Varieties to Make Your Salad Sing

Here at the Cherry Valley Organics farm we take our lettuce very seriously. It’s a staple in our Pittsburgh CSA Farm Share boxes all summer long. Yep, that’s right. We provide fresh, organic lettuce to our customers for months, not just for a few weeks in the spring and fall when the weather is cool. We carefully select each…
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Cherry Valley Organics Swiss Chard

Feb 8 2018

What is Swiss chard? Growing, harvesting, and cooking this delicious green

What is Swiss chard? Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) is a close relative of the garden beet. Chard and beets are so close, in fact, that they’re actually the same species of plant that’s been selected and bred for specific traits over many years. While beets have been bred for their plump, edible roots, Swiss chard…
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Cherry Valley Organics Valentine's Day Gifts

Jan 25 2018

Organic Valentine’s Day Gifts from Cherry Valley Organics

If you don’t want to give your sweetheart expensive, pesticide-laden roses that were grown thousands of miles away from home for Valentine’s Day, give him or her the gift of organic luxury instead! Handmade body care products make exceptional organic Valentine’s Day gifts for the one you love. What Makes Our Organic Valentine’s Day Gifts…
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CSA Pittsburgh

Jan 11 2018

CSA Pittsburgh: Cherry Valley Organics Farm Share Program

Sign-ups for our 2019 CSA Pittsburgh Farm Share Program are now open! We’re excited to be able to provide your family with a wide selection of delicious, organic fruits and vegetables each and every week throughout the growing season from June 8th to October 25th. Cherry Valley Organics is one of only a few USDA Certified…
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CVO Lavender gift basket

Dec 14 2017

Last Chance Holiday Events and $5 off $40 Until December 19th!

Don’t forget to take advantage of our last online sale of the season! Plus, everything ordered before December 19th will arrive in time for Christmas! That’s right, this sale includes all of our bath and body products like Bath Bags & Salts, Fragrances, Salves, Massage Oils, Lip Balms & Glosses, Soaps, & more! We even have stocking stuffers for kitties! They…
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CVO herbal tea

Dec 14 2017

Buy Organic Herbal Tea Online: Why our natural herbal tea recipes are the best

Buy Organic Herbal Tea Online: Why our natural herbal tea recipes are the best  Here are Cherry Valley Organics we take our tea very seriously. Made from a blend of certified organic herbs, spices, and dried fruits, our organic herbal teas are prepared in small batches and hand-packed into biodegradable tea bags. Every herb we…
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Cherry Valley Organics Lip Balm

Dec 7 2017

What’s in Your Lip Balm? A Closer Look at the Ingredient List

What’s in Your Lip Balm? A Closer Look at the Ingredient List  The next time you apply lip balm, take a look at the label. Do you see a list of ingredients? What’s on that list? Sadly, most popular brands of lip balm found at the pharmacy or cosmetics counter, contain a whole host of…
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Cherry Valley Organics Lip Balm Sale

Dec 7 2017

Buy 4 Lip Balms, Get one FREE and $5 Off $40!

It’s the season of giving, right?! Enjoy these upcoming sales and you can give to others and save on goodies for yourself, too!  Buy any four lip balms, get one FREE December 7th – December 10th! Please indicate which scent of lip balm you would like in the comment section at check out and our…
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Cherry Valley Organics Sale

Dec 2 2017

Buy 5 Get 1 Free Soap Sale Today and Tomorrow Only!

Need stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or teacher treats?! Our USDA certified organic soaps come in a variety of scents and starting TODAY through Sunday at midnight, you can buy 5 bars and get one of our popular lavender soaps for FREE! CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW! 
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Cherry Valley Organics Holiday Mart

Dec 1 2017

December Holiday Events Kick Off TODAY!

In addition to our online store, there are several ways to get your hands on our goods for holiday gifts this month!… December 1-9: Sweetwater Holiday mART What: A pop-up boutique featuring locally made handcrafted gifts, such as jewelry, ceramics, glass, weavings, knitted wears, fine art, woodcraft, toys, cards, and ornaments. Check their website for happy hour and…
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CVO Lavender gift basket

Nov 24 2017

Handmade, Organic Gifts from Cherry Valley Organics

5 Reasons to Shop Cherry Valley Organics Farm for All Your Gift Needs   1. All of our body care products, including soaps, fragrances, lip balm, salves, and more are certified organic by the USDA. They’re free of chemical preservatives, additives, colors, and scents. Our herbal teas and our massage oils and gift baskets are all natural, too. Even our Cut Flower Subscription bouquets are certified organic! 2. We ship…
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USDA Organic Logo

Since 2001

Cherry Valley Organics is a certified organic producer of fruit, herb, vegetable, flower, and potted plant crops. We are also a certified organic processor and handler of dried herbs, dried fruits/vegetables, herbal teas, and herb-infused vinegar.

What Our Customers are Saying:

Cherry Valley Organics quote icon


May Market 2015

"I purchased the lavender fragrance and the lavender lip balm at the May Market and I love both products - the lavender essence feels very concentrated and so soothing!"

Cherry Valley Organics


Bethel Park

"Just had to tell you how much we are enjoying all of your summer bounty.  The tomatoes and cucumbers have been our favorites - the yellow tomatoes have me spoiled now!  Thanks for growing such a great crop!"

Cherry Valley Organics quote icon



"I just have to tell you that the flower bouquet that I ordered last week smelled so nice in my home.  Every morning when I came down the stairs, I felt like I was living in a floral shop.  Thank you so much for your exquisite choice in that arrangement - I am so grateful for your work!"

Cherry Valley Organics quote icon


South Park

"Everything I have gotten from your farm has been wonderful — soap, flowers, herbs, veggies, and berries!"

Cherry Valley Organics quote icon


Mt. Lebanon

"Thanks for the updates and all your hard work. The veggies are dee lish!!!!"

Cherry Valley Organics quote icon


Squirrel Hill

"My son (the picky veggie eater) declared your snap peas (though a little  funny-looking) the best he had ever tasted!!!"

Cherry Valley Organics


Squirrel Hill

"Thanks so much for the Fall Harvest dried flower wreath. I love it! I hung  it up as soon as I got home last night."

Cherry Valley Organics quote icon



"Your Red Slicing tomatoes from last week were (they're already eaten!) the best I've had since moving to Pittsburgh 7 years ago, and probably before that! THANK YOU!!"

CSA Pittsburgh

CSA Pittsburgh Farm Share Program

We're excited to be able to provide your family with a wide selection of delicious, organic fruits and vegetables each and every week throughout the growing season. Cherry Valley Organics is one of only a few USDA Certified Organic farms in Western Pennsylvania, and our Farm Share program is among the most unique CSAs in Pittsburgh.

CSA Pittsburgh

CSA Pittsburgh Farm Share Program

We're excited to be able to provide your family with a wide selection of delicious, organic fruits and vegetables each and every week throughout the growing season. Cherry Valley Organics is one of only a few USDA Certified Organic farms in Western Pennsylvania, and our Farm Share program is among the most unique CSAs in Pittsburgh.