Fresh Bachelor Button Flowers

USDA Certified 100% Organic

Bachelor Buttons (Centaurea cyanus) are a cultivated variety of a once-wild meadow flower that symbolizes freedom and romance. The intense blue and magenta flowers, historically favored by royals, are about an inch in diameter with a center that is slightly darker than the petals that radiate from it.

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30 Blue Boy Flowers $9.00
120 Blue Boy Flowers $34.00
30 Red Boy Flowers $9.00
120 Red Boy Flowers $34.00

Quick Facts


Bachelor Button Flowers


Add the papery petals, fresh or dried, to salads or baked goods for a wonderful pop of color and a mild flavor.


PLA clamshells and containers are fully compostable.

Did You Know?

In the Victorian era, they were often tucked in the button holes of eligible bachelors’ suits.


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