How to Make Plant-based, Organic Potpourri

Make Potpourri from the Nature Around You!



In CVO’s second installment of our Dried Flower Craft Series, Jodi shows a fun and easy way to make potpourri! This can be an adventurous and hands-on way for kids to create a Mother’s Day gift that will last all year long. 


Supplies Needed

  • Your choice of CVO dried flowers or dried edible flowers as the main decorative component for the potpourri
  • Additional nature accents of choice like acorns, pinecones, etc.
  • Plastic gloves or large stirring spoon
  • Clear container to show off the colorful potpourri inside
  • Large mixing container
  • Pure, organic essential oil


Let the Fun Begin

On a nice day, venture out into your garden, your yard, or a local wooded walking path or park (while still maintaining social distancing mandates) to forage for a few fun nature accents to include in the potpourri mix. The nature accents could range from pinecones, acorns, colorful pebbles, or a pretty leftover dried fall leaf. Dry ingredients will work the best in this craft project.

After the nature adventure, follow Jodi’s simple step-by-step video below for mixing all of the ingredients! You can find the video here.


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