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Thyme Varieties for Culinary and Ornamental Use

Cherry Valley Organics Thyme

Here at Cherry Valley, we grow dozens of different types of herbs, but one of our favorites is thyme. While you might think that there’s only one type of thyme, that isn’t the case. There are dozens of different varieties of thyme, each with their own unique appearance and flavor. Some thyme varieties are better…

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Come celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Farm Market and Cafe!

Farm Market and Cafe Grand Opening

 Our Grand Opening festivities will follow this schedule: **Saturday 6/1 – 9am – 9pm All day happenings! Pie on the Porch Free Samples (food, coffee, tea) Raffles 10am – Potted Plant Demo 10:30am – Kid Craft #1 11:30am – Vase Flower Arranging 1:00pm – Kid Craft #2 2:00pm – Bird House Making Musician Chris Hannigan…

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Garlic Scapes: How to harvest and cook

Garlic Scapes

One of the more surprising spring crops we harvest here at the Cherry Valley Organics Farm is garlic scapes. While most people think about the bulbous, underground cloves when they think about using garlic in the kitchen, there’s another edible part of the garlic plant with a delicious flavor worth fitting into your dinner plans.…

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Meet the CVO Cafe Supervisor: Emily Kramer

Cherry Valley Organics Emily

We’re thrilled to announce that the Cherry Valley Organics Farm Market and Cafe is soon going to open for our spring and summer hours! We’re located at 1713 Main Street, Burgettstown, PA in the recently refurbished, historic Burgettstown Train Station. These are exciting times for the CVO crew — so many amazing changes are taking…

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Meet Cherry Valley Organics Retail Sales and Event Assistant: Katie Sofio

Cherry Valley Organics Katie

The Cherry Valley Organics Farm Market and Cafe will soon be open for our spring and summer hours! We’re located at 1713 Main Street, Burgettstown, PA in the recently refurbished, historic Burgettstown Train Station. There are so many wonderful changes taking place for our CVO family, and as a result, you’ll notice lots of new…

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Meet the Founder of Cherry Valley Organics Farm: Jodi Danyo

Cherry Valley Organics Jodi

Small farmers are a hard-working, dedicated bunch. Being a small farmer requires endless hours spent not just growing the fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs sold by the farm, but also marketing those products, managing the books, collaborating with fellow growers, maintaining equipment, keeping a website updated, arranging and making deliveries, organizing planting and harvesting dates,…

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Celebrate CSA Day with Cherry Valley Organics

Cherry Valley Organics

The last Friday in February is “National CSA Sign-up Day” (CSA Day for short), and we’re busy celebrating here at Cherry Valley Organics! Based on data collected from small farmers, the last Friday in February is the most popular day of the year to sign up for a CSA Farm Share program. If you haven’t…

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Our All-natural, Organic Fragrance Sprays and Roll-ons

Cherry Valley Organics fragrance spray

Did you know that most air fresheners and room sprays are made from a concoction of synthetic chemicals? The Huffington Post declared synthetic fragrance sprays to be “The New Secondhand Smoke” in this recent article.  And in this article by the Washington Post, the author discusses the dangers of these fragrances for people with chemical sensitivities, and…

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An Organic Flower Bouquet Subscription is the Perfect Gift!

Cherry Valley Organic Flower Bouquet

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend, relative, co-worker, or neighbor? How about a weekly or bi-weekly bouquet of fresh-cut, colorful, organic blooms? Heck, maybe you’d even like one for yourself! Our organic bouquet subscription service in Pittsburgh makes it easy for you or a treasured friend to enjoy fresh-cut blooms throughout the growing season. Here’s…

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