Meet Our Cut Flower Grower: Alliy Gundlach

Did you come from a farming/gardening family? Can you share a story about that?

Although my mum is a perennial gardener, I attribute my love for plants to my parent’s love for the outdoors. My family spent a lot of time recreating outside when I was a child and it instilled in me a deep respect and awe for the natural world at large.


When did you first know you wanted to be a small farmer?

When I was in college I started to frequent the local farmers market. I loved the high-quality produce, atmosphere, and the autonomy each farmer brought to their businesses. I dreamed of becoming a farmer one day, but at the time stuck to my educational path of conservation biology.


Alliy Gundlach Cherry Valley Organics


What was your first farm-related job?

My first farm-related job was a brief stint at CVO in 2014! I got a taste of growing under Jodi’s tutelage and went on to grow for the past six years. It is so exciting to be back and part of the CVO team!


What do you like most about farming?

That’s a tough question! I love the magical process of propagating plants. To watch seeds spring up, grow, and provide food and beauty never gets old. I also enjoy the physicality of the work and working closely with the earth in its seasons. Also, the gratification of providing folks with food and flowers to nourish their bodies and minds feels particularly special.


What do you like least about farming?

The thing I like the least is watching any plant struggle to find the nutrients it needs or battle against pests. I try to keep all the plant babies and soil as healthy as possible to avoid those situations!


Alliy Gundlach Cherry Valley Organics


What’s your favorite crop to grow?

Sunflowers, hands down. Their bright sunny faces always bring a smile to mine and most others who encounter them.


What has made you feel the proudest to be a farmer?

Seeing the benefits of continuously putting in a good day’s work, knowing that growing organically and locally makes a positive impact on the environment and in people’s lives in our community.


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