"I purchased the lavender fragrance and the lavender lip balm at the May Market and I love both products - the lavender essence feels very concentrated and so soothing!"

- Caitlin from May Market 2015


"Just had to tell you how much we are enjoying all of
your summer bounty.  The tomatoes and cucumbers
have been our favorites - the yellow tomatoes have
me spoiled now!  Thanks for growing such a great crop!"

- Kathy from Bethel Park

"I just have to tell you that the flower bouquet that I ordered last week smelled so nice in my home.  Every morning when I came down the stairs, I felt like I was living in a floral shop.  Thank you so much for your exquisite choice in that arrangement - I am so grateful for your work!"

- Tracy from Washington


"Everything I have gotten from your farm has been wonderful -- soap, flowers, herbs, veggies and berries!"

- Linda from South Park


"Thanks for the updates and all your hard work. The veggies are dee lish!!!!"

- Patti from Mt. Lebanon


"My son (the picky veggie eater) declared your snap peas (though a little  funny-looking) the best he had ever tasted!!!"

- Tara from Squirrel Hill

    "Thanks so much for the Fall Harvest dried flower
     wreath. I love it! I hung  it up as soon as I got home last        night."

     - Mary from Squirrel Hill

    "Your Red Slicing tomatoes from last week were (they're          already eaten!) the best I've had since moving to                  Pittsburgh 7 years ago, and probably before that! THANK        YOU!!"
                                                         - Mary from McMurray


"I'm loving my produce!!  And, going to a special place (not the supermarket) and opening that cooler for a weekly surprise, makes it a special experience -like a healthy Christmas every week!"

- Mary from McMurray


"I love the soaps, I've been using the tomato-basil soap as a hand soap in the kitchen and it smells so darn good!  For the last month I've been using the orange soap as a facial soap and I love that too.  In fact, it's better than any of the high price cleansers I've bought over the years.  My skin is clean and not dry."

- Caroline from McMurray


"I just wanted to let you know that the flowers for our event were stunning and added so much to the decor!  We received so many compliments on them from the guests who came from co-ops all over the country. Thanks so much for working with us for this event."

- Kara from Pittsburgh


"Everything turned out absolutely wonderful! The flowers were incredibly beautiful and the food was delicious. We really appreciated working with you. Our caterer told us that she was very impressed with your produce and that she would like to continue working with you. We hope that goes well."

- Corinne from Pittsburgh


"I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful flower arrangements that you did for my daughter’s wedding. 
They were spectacular.  I will send a picture once we
have them back from the photographer."

- Lori from McMurray


"I loved the Rose Geranium bath sachet!  After I used it in
the tub, I hung it to dry & now it's keeping the bathroom smelling great!!  Thanks!"
- Kathy from McMurray

"I received my hand salve today - thank you for this wonderful product!  It's the only product that has really been effective at keeping my hands moisturized and pain-free."

- Nanette from Bethel Park

"I personally will miss your spectacularly fine produce.  My wife may even resort to growing her own tomatoes again."
- Steve from Washington

"I would like to offer a testimonial for your comfrey salve.  I had a badly infected finger, and I started using your salve in conjunction with the antibiotics prescribed by the nurse. The salve worked wonders!  My hands are very often cracked and dry from working at the barn and using the salve really accelerated the healing! It was kind of amazing, actually - and it was very soothing."
- Nancy from Crafton

"Thank you for all of the great produce and the on-time deliveries. You have a wonderful program and I am letting others know."
- Mary Ann from McMurray

"I wanted to let you know that all the herbal products that I ordered for the holidays were a big hit.  I heard from everyone that I gave them to – they loved them!  I treated myself to one of the soaps and it was awesome."
- Suzanne from Mt. Lebanon

"Thanks for a great, delicious season. We love Cherry Valley Organics!"
- Deb from Mt. Lebanon



   "Just wanted you to know that I picked up my order
   today and that the spinach was part of dinner tonight.
   It was DELICIOUS.  The greens are positively
   - Diane from Washington



"I picked my dried flower wreath up today and I just wanted to let you know that I love it!!  It's beautiful! Great job!"
- Anne from Beaver

"Thank you for the glorious produce last week. It is so delicious that it seems unconscionable to put dressing on the salad mix and mask the taste of the greens!"
- Teresa from Burgettstown

"The dried flower wreath that we picked up today is absolutely gorgeous!"
- Denise & Paul from Sewickley

"Many thanks for the wonderful 2 boxes of seconds tomatoes, which have already been blanched and frozen in my freezer for a wonderful winter of sauces!! I've never done this before with such a variety of tomatoes and we are looking forward to it!"
- Deb from Mt Lebanon

"As with last year, Cliff and I have been enjoying the fruits of your labor all summer long.  I made some awesome eggplant stuffed peppers and a fennel/tomato salad last night, all with your wonderful bounty.  Someone left some garden grown roma tomatoes in the kitchen here at work earlier this week and I tasted one.  I must be spoiled, because even though it was 1,000 times better than those in the supermarket, it tasted nowhere near as good as yours."
- Kate from Robinson

"I wanted to thank you for the absolutely WONDERFUL greens. Honestly, I don't think I've ever had such great lettuce! After tasting them and realizing how delicious they were, I shamelessly took advantage of my pregnant status, and ate most of them by myself."
- Andrea from Pittsburgh

"By the way, the produce is absolutely gorgeous this year -- the lettuces are amazing! (And the radishes this week were HUGE!)"
- Amy from McMurray

"We thoroughly enjoyed last week's order, including taste, smell, and sight. In fact, my first thought upon seeing our bags of produce was how beautiful it all was, truly each leaf perfect, a work of art. The salad mix is beyond compare! The kale was delicious! I feel so good being able to build meals around such fine and healthy fare."
- Teresa from Burgettstown

"Everything I received last week was so FRESH - I can't believe the difference from what I normally get at the grocery store!!"
- Ann from Crafton

"You guys have the best mustard greens in North America!"
- Frank from Crafton

"I'm looking forward to some great eating this summer!"
- Angie from Cherry Valley

"Thank you so much for the flowers for my cousin's birthday -
she said that they were the most beautiful flowers that she had ever seen."
- Beth from Crafton

"This online ordering system is so convenient - I'm never going to stop ordering!"
- Kim from Mt. Lebanon

"The flowers for my parents' anniversary party were lovely - thanks again."
- Reyne from Crafton



   "Your produce is wonderful..the quality is so good and
   extremely fresh.  We love it....Swiss chard is a
   favorite of ours with tilapia and yours is the best I
   have ever had!"
   - Michelle from McMurray



"The vegetables have been GREAT!!! Thank you. The salad greens melt in your mouth.  Thank you!"
- Patti from Greentree

"I picked up my first order from Cherry Valley yesterday and I just had to write to thank you for the freshest, most beautiful and delicious greens that I have had in a long time! Knowing that these crops were grown locally and organically are well worth the small additional cost, as compared to the less expensive, tasteless, half wilted greens I am used to purchasing. I was so excited about the greens that I just added some lemon, olive oil and pepper to them when I got home and indulged!  Thanks again for your hard work and for offering such a program. Keep up the good work."
- Cindy from McMurray

"Just wanted you to know that your veggies that we have been enjoying this weekend are outstanding.  They are so fresh, beautiful, and delicious – they are absolutely high quality."
- Linda from SewickleyPEPPER

"Can't believe how well the muscle soothing salve works!  Have really enjoyed your products and produce this year, sorry the season's over!"
- Kim from Crafton

"I've always hated summer squash - your yellow squash, however, has opened my eyes.  What you get at the store (or even at a typical farmers' market) is bland and watery, whereas your squash has a ton of flavor and even a nuttiness that I've never tasted before in squash.  Congratulations....you converted me."
- Mike from Bridgeville

"My first order was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!  I am off on vacation and will not be ordering again until the week of the 22nd.  I am truly looking forward to that!"
- Julie from McMurray


"BTW - the greens are beautiful. I can't believe how delicious the arugula is. I eat it all the time (from the
grocery store) and the difference is remarkable."
- Deanna from McMurray


"Loved the windowsill herb pot! Very impressed with the broccoli!  I'll be writing the Cherry Valley Organics diet book shortly!"
- Dawn from Ingram

“I had to write and say the potatoes were fabulous.  I roasted them in a bit of olive oil with some garlic last night.  Hit of the meal.  The cherry tomato variety was excellent as well.”
- Jeff from Squirrel Hill

"Great!  Thanks for the flowers, my husband is going to be ecstatic. Truly, you've never seen a grown man get so excited about a vegetable!  We're so happy we stumbled upon CVO on-line when looking for local farm shares!  We love that our produce is grown locally and organically, a win-win for both our family and the planet.  They're variety is excellent, in fact our favorite part is ordering new veggies we have never tried and introducing them to our kids.  We have recommended CVO to many of our friends and will continue to do so!"
- Luci Jo from Sewickley


   "Sorry to see the peppers are gone for the season,
   your peppers were THE BEST!"
   - Trudy from Mt. Lebanon


"Is it too late for me to put an order in for 2# of your perpetual spinach?  It is the best spinach I have ever eaten!"
- Michelle from McMurray

"At the end of our second season as subscribers you continue to astound us. We are devoted to your signature salad mix but I decided to sample some of the herbal salad this week, too. oh--my--god! this must be what they eat in heaven!  Paul and I had a legitimate, speechless, "Babette's Feast" moment where we could only marvel at the pure, incredible flavors. Paul declared it the best salad he had ever eaten in his life.  The celery is beyond compare and we loved the red tomato that was surprisingly sweet like candy."
- Teresa from Burgettstown

"I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed your produce.  The salad mix I bought last week is outstanding!!  I really appreciate all your hard work in bringing this divine food for others to enjoy."
- Kathy from McMurray


"My wife and I eat your cherry tomatoes like candy
and I'm not even a tomato person!"
- Scott from Washington


"I can't imagine a spring without your greens or a summer without your flowers!"
- Debbie from Mt. Lebanon

"I LOVE my weekly flowers - everyone who stops in my office comments on them!"
- Molly from Pittsburgh

"My neighbors told me that I just HAD to sign up for your subscription!"
- Joan from Cherry Valley

"Those were the prettiest collard greens I've ever seen in my life! I didn't even want to cook them."
- Terry from North Fayette

"Our family of 5 just loves your peppermint lip balm. It is the only one we've found that really works at preventing chapped lips. They are also allergy-friendly for our nut and egg allergy kids!"
- Kathleen from Aliquippa