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Our Story

Cherry Valley Organics is owned and operated by Jodi Danyo (Verbanic).  Conceived in 2001, it has since grown into one of the premier producers of organic products in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Begun as a one-third-acre “urban farm” in the Pittsburgh suburb of Crafton, Cherry Valley Organics now encompasses almost 40 acres in nearby Cherry Valley, Washington County.  Despite this expansion, the footprint of the operation is still quite small (less than 10 acres), and the same intensive, organic production methods have been used since its formative years in Crafton.


All existing infrastructure and improvements to the property in Cherry Valley were added subsequent to its purchase – in other words, the farm was built, quite literally, from the ground up.


Over the last fourteen years, we have gradually built the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the needs of our progressive small business.  We have constructed two unheated high tunnels that we use for extending our vegetable and cut flower seasons into the cooler months of the year, and a heated greenhouse that is used for propagation of potted plants for sale and production of transplants for our fields.  In 2010, we added a 30' x 45' packing shed equipped with upgraded refrigeration and the work space needed to increase the efficiency and capacity of our business.


In addition to building infrastructure, we have worked hard over the years to build a diverse customer base that we are committed to serving.  Our focus has been, and always will be, on producing the highest quality certified organic products that our customers can buy.  We continually make changes to process and products to ensure that we achieve this goal. 


As we enter our 15th growing season, we look forward to the new adventures that running a small farm business never fails to provide.  Thanks to all of our customers for their continued support!