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Meet CVO Herb & Flower Grower: Jessie Weiss

Posted 5/7/2019 9:17pm by Cherry Valley Organics.

Our Cherry Valley Organics farm family is pleased to welcome Jessie Weiss to our team. Jessie is one of our Herb & Flower Growers, and she's keen to help provide folks across the Pittsburgh region with fresh cut, organic flowers, herb plants, and herbal products.  

You may catch Jessie behind our table at the Sewickley Farmers Market or at one of the local festivals and events where we vend our products. In addition to these duties, Jessie is often found out in the fields, tending our herbs and flowers, arranging our seasonal bouquets, and more. Here's more about Jessie and her passion for organic agriculture.  

Meet Jessie Weiss: Herb & Flower Grower  

Jessie Weiss CVO

Childhood Roots  

Jessie hails from Buffalo, N.Y. She's the youngest of five children, with three older sisters and a brother. "I come from a very close-knit family who was always active outdoors, and yes, we always grew a garden," she says.  

While Jessie has many memories of outdoor activities centered around their vegetable garden, her favorite memories revolve around flowers. "I loved when my mom would ask me to go pick a bouquet for her dining room table. It was my favorite 'chore.' I’d go out and cut whatever I could find," she notes.  

Jessie found herself inspired by those blooms and the creativity that comes from seeing a little, homegrown bouquet come together like a work of art. "My mother would swoon over these bouquets, and it always made me feel good."  

College and Beyond  

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Jessie spent the last four years working in the nursing field, including a job as a travel nurse. "As much as I truly did find meaning in my career as a nurse, I kept finding myself drawn to the idea of pursuing what makes me feel the most passionate... and then this job at Cherry Valley Organics appeared."  

Jessie and dog Cherry Valley organics

Jessie's Passion for Plants  

Jessie has always loved flowers and gardening. She's grown a rather large home vegetable garden for the past couple years. "My favorite thing to grow is flowers, though," she says. "I love the process of gardening and farming; the seeding, the toiling, the labor of love, and then the waiting. And finally -- the reward!" She finds great joy and beauty in harvesting bouquets here at the farm.

"We work so hard to grow the flowers and bring them to our customers. There's a lot of beauty in that. Our bouquets bring joy and help educate people about the importance of locally grown, organic cut flowers."  

Why Organic Feels Right  

"I think what I like the most about organic agriculture is two-fold. First, it's about sustainability for the environment. And second, it's health benefits for us!" Jessie notes. From the plants and flowers we sell at market to the veggies we harvest for farm share and the value-added products we make, Jessie loves knowing that nothing is treated with synthetic chemicals. "Our vegetables and flowers aren't sprayed with anything to make them stay fresh longer either. Every one of our customers should feel confident that they know where their food is coming from. It's high quality and healthy because it comes directly from our hands to their homes."  

"It's my hope that when people stop into CVO’s store or visit us at our farmer’s market booth, they too can feel and embrace our mission to bring certified organic herbs, vegetables, and beautiful flower bouquets to our customers’ homes," she says. "I want our customers to feel welcome and be inspired to eat food, have a conversation with us about what we do and how we do it, and leave feeling that they have learned something. I hope they'll want to come back for another experience."   

Flower Bouquets Cherry Valley Organics

Customer Love  

Jessie is really embracing the process of growth on the farm. "It's already taught me so much about patience, hard work, and reward." Jessie says that working the farmer’s market in Sewickley is the icing on the cake. "I get to engage with our customers and share our products with them. Seeing the look on their faces when they smell our lime thyme plants or admire a bouquet of spring tulips brings me joy. I suppose that's the essence of farming, really. Bringing good, healthy food and farm-fresh products to families around the region."  

We hope you'll stop by the Sewickley Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings to meet Jessie and get to know this friendly addition to the CVO family.  

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